26 march 2019

currently chillin in study hall once again, and wastin' time

nothing new of note, really, except my birthday was a little over a week ago which is pretty rad i guess. it seems that people are always like "how's it feel to be [age]?" when, of course, there's no remarkable difference between today and yesterday. except, i guess, when one turns seventeen, and becomes the dancing queen, according to the beloved ABBA song of the same name. so anyways i suddenly remembered this series of books i was obsessed with in, like, elementary school: the Eragon/Inheritance series. it's about dragons and shit like that, and i haven't read a non-required book in ages, so i'll probably re-read it sometime soon and write something up on it.

and, of course, forever being the twitter-goblin that i am, i have some ~plans~ for some just-for-fun accounts, or bots, or whatever. most notably i've made an emoji logo bot for the band The Killers, and have reserved a url for a culture club lyric bot, which i have done, like, no work for so far (here's a pastebin with the, code that i update every 38458047 years). additionally, i'm also now running a joke CC facts account with several other people who all share one braincell between us. and my last "idea" for another shit twitter account is an astrology/astronomy one, that simply announces when planets/the sun/the moon goes into retrograde or goes into another zodiac sign (e.g. "The sun has entered the sign of Gemini at 60°").

the last big update of recent weeks i guess would be that i now have an official, non-placeholder, non-dumbass-sphynx cat fursona :^) that current art i've made of it is also the second-ish time that i've done pixel art by tracing over a hand-drawn version!

so yeah, that's the recent goings-on in shitwig village, stream "hazy shade of winter" by the bangles cuz it slaps

15 february 2019

currently chillin in study hall, creepin the servers, feelin like shit

a mf is really goin thru it lads. really thankful for my friends tho, that one goes out to not only my locals, but the lads i've met here during my time on neocities, and of course my twitter mutuals etc etc. like i know that's the point of friends and all, but at the expense of sounding like a bigmassive shit wig, it's just really great knowing there's always bad bitches who have ur back. love u guys.

so. my last one of these was written in like, november. not much new going on except, well, i started ballroom dance lessons a while ago. it's pretty fun, actually. weird tho how i can somehow afford that but still can't buy lunch at school :/ so anyways speaking of new interests, i'm trying to get more into art again, namely pixel art but i also wanna work on semi-realism with texture shading, like pointillism or cross-hatching. except definitely not pointillism. how in hell they've got the patience to draw so many fucking dots, i'll never know.

i've been listening to blondie's music a lot more lately - usually that's reserved for when i'm about to start crying over some stupid shit or immediately after, post-angst. regardless, the tide is high still slaps severely. it's a really amazing song tbh, obviously really beachy vibes which is nice. and the instrumentals, damn! stunning.

today's a half day so the gang and i will be going down town, and i'll probably buy an obscene number of iced teas at cvs. also, there's free pizza. livin that life. see ya around lads, bye.

08 november 2018

currently listening to a playlist one of my friends made for everyone, i only recognise like one song so far but it's banger regardless

pixilart is glitching a bit which sucks because i was gonna make some web buttons today, but it be like that sometimes. i've $28 and a slice of the best pizza i've ever had in my life (vegetarian with extra sauce and peppers) so today's gotta be a good day. this morning culture club was playing live on bbc radio 2 and i woke up literally 5 minutes before that happened, which was really wicked timing.

i also had a really weird dream this morning. i was making a burrito or something (it had. A Lot of rice and was cut kind of like how a roll of sushi would be, but it was all burrito ingredients. in real life, that mf would fall apart immediately, like you'd just have to look at the plate and it's already just a massive pile of rice and stuff with some tortilla hanging out. but the funniest part was that i was basically just chilling there making a hellish sushi burrito crossbreed and this dude who was in the room for some reason goes, "that burrito fucking sucks!" (he was right, i mean... what a tragedy it was...) i got really defensive about it and was frying some rice at the time so i shouted "get cooked, bitch!" and threw him into the rice to make a second burrito. literally just shrunk him down to pan size and tossed him in there. definitely the weirdest dream i've had in a while.

so this playlist, right? basically the kid who made it compiled a list of songs which each represent or remind her of someone specific, and there's like a ton of songs on there, and i doubt she's gonna tell us specifically who's who, but it'll be an interesting thing to try to figure out. also it's just a really good playlist.

i've been in a huge Hitchhiker's Guide mood lately and still haven't started to reread it yet.. weekend plans, i guess. other than that, i've been watching this really cool show on netflix called altered carbon. the episodes are like an hour long each but it's actually one of the only shows with episodes that length that i can stand to watch, and i'm always a hoe for science-fiction media, especially cyberpunk and futuristic shit. so that's basically what i've been up to recently, bye till next time i guess.

09-18 october 2018

currently re-typing this paragraph for the thousandth time, downloading some stuff from netflix, and eating home made brioche. (it's very good.)

a lot's been on my mind lately.

i've seen a lot of shooting stars in my lifetime. meteor showers are admittedly fairly common, though come to think of it, i'm never quite sure when they actually are. usually i just hear about them a week or so after they happen. so much for that, i guess. but i have seen a few - some at random times on a long night drive, others during an actual meteor shower which had miraculously aligned with the exact moment i was standing outside. and i'm absolutely all about that paranormal shit. supernatural lore, folk tales, i'm basically the wikipedia of everything other. and that, of course, includes the majesty of shooting stars and the "quick, make a wish" uttered alongside them. i've seen a lot of 'em as i mentioned, definitely more than i can recall as a number, but i like to think that i've "saved" a lot of these wishes from seeing them, and occasionally credit meteor showers from years ago for day-to-day things that just went really, well, right. like the culture club concert this summer? you bet i was cashing in stars on that, i wasn't even sure i could go until about a day before the concert itself... and a lot of other stuff, definitely too emo to be typing about on neocities of all things: ("get me out of here" is a common one. out of my own mind, out of my house, hell, occasionally i ponder the idea of leaving this whole galaxy, go live on a remote asteroid or something.) life for me is a whole lot of waiting, waiting for something interesting to happen, for the day to be over (11:59pm blues). but i also know it's going to get better than this. so i also spend a lot of time waiting for an opportunity to do something. don't know what yet, maybe i'll move a few hundred miles away and gay it up in some big city, i don't know. but i know waiting around is no way to live.

01 october 2018

currently eating 1 singular chicken ball i stole from someone walking by, avoiding overdue homework, listening to some 70s rock playlist

this bitch!!!!!! this bitch oh my god if i weren't literally obligated to actually BE myself i'd escape to the nearest astral plane asap. yeah so i've got more overdue homework than soccer moms have "live, laugh, love" plaques in their houses. yesterday was two of my friends' birthdays, and oh the drama, the tea is so scalding i dare not even say it to the, uh [checks site] like 12 of you or whatever that follow me here. culture club's new album drops in just a few weeks, and i've also suddenly become re-obsessed with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. definitely my all-time favorite book series (and it's also got a text game! web stuff > text games!!!), i'll probably write something up about it once i finish my second read-through of the series (and i've still got to watch the movie, smh, i'm way behind on like everything right now.) also yesterday i visited my extended family for the first time since last christmas, and obtained a very questionable polaroid during that time (give me a few hours and i'll post it. it's quite something.) i also invented a third lizard joke during that time (what do you call a lizard that smokes weed? mariguana. what do you call a gay lizard? karma chameleon. what else do you call a gay lizard? me when i've got dry skin.) so anyways i have about six dollars to my name, so i'm gonna end this and decide what trivial thing (probably food) that i should waste it on. adios, my good bitches.