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welcome to my site! here you'll find random lists & bits of info on anything ranging from music playlists, movies, and whatever else my latest wikipedia binge resulted in!

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/graphics/ is back! /space/ is back! arizona raspberry iced tea said gay rights!

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Update log

  • UPDATE 07 feb 2019

    /graphics/ is back babey! and theres a new section for ones i did :P


    UPDATE 05 feb 2019

    rereleased /space/ in all its unfinished glory, wrote another unfinished thing (about piercing on the /interests/ page), made a featured song/album thing on the homepage, fixed up the web buttons column (and stopped hotlinking, bitch 🌈). next gonna work on moving graphics.html into /graphics/, adding more content into /recipes/, and ofc finishing the many, many, (and many more) unfinished pages. and theres a new cat of the "week" but it's been there for a while already. maybe i should call it "cat of the unspecified irregular amount of time", it's more accurate. sjdsdfkjhasf


    UPDATE 24 jan 2019

    changed the main box height from 400 to about 480, nothing major but i think the slightly larger size helps a bit & makes the page seem less tiny/underfilled


    UPDATE 19 dec 2018

    sum stuff happened between today and 2 months ago but i cant remember exactly what, some pages were made i guess, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hoorrgh


    UPDATE 29 oct 2018

    made some new web buttons, made art.html, avoided working on my overdue essay, ignoring the fact that i've got like 4 unfinished pages up. it be like that sometimes


    UPDATE 26 oct 2018

    moved music.html out of misc & into the sidebar, wrote some stuff about culture club's new album in music > cc > life. i also have an idea for a thing that may or may not exist. it requires javascript, lots of time, and lots of pokemon gifs, so im leaning toward "hell no" for now. updates to follow, maybe.


    UPDATE 21 oct 2018

    sup babes comin' at u LIVE from the pits of hell, just created space.html & all its assorted bits, also now hae a custom 404 page so like. give that a spin if you're so inclined ;) .anyways yeah thats about it, ive got big plans for this babey so stick around lol. bye


    UPDATE 17 oct 2018

    moved my entire site from cultureclub.neo to chameleon.neo! added lots of content into graphics.html and webstuff.html (check out the brand new 'tv online' section!)


    UPDATE 16 oct 2018

    /graphics.html is here, with lots of favicons, background resources, and some other stuff!


    UPDATE 01 oct 2018

    most importantly, there is now a third lizard joke!!! (scroll down) also, i've continued work on webstuff.html and now have blog.html (basically my ranting space) up and running. the only thing about webstuff that's a bit :( is neocities can't host z3 & some other file types, yknow, to keep shit legal or whatever, so all (esp text) games are only hosted on the sites i found them and links redirect to there. today i'll continue work on some of the very obvious work-in-progres bits, adding playlists & the like. ciao dudes!


    UPDATE 27 sept 2018

    i fixed that bug from /misc.html where it would just refresh infinitely and never load. i think tomorrow i'll start organizing my files into all the same place to avoid images not loading because of blocked sites. etc etc. i have homework due in 5 minutes so bye


    UPDATE 25 sept 2018

    ok so basically whats going down is - well idk whats going down but ive got a very confusing bit of code right here and also a firewall extension on my main working pc that is just HELL 2 deal with. so if youve got any sort of Big Bad Corporation Firewalls on your device that block sites like twitter, tumblr, etc (that type of stuff) or if it's just really aggro about where and when one can use random bits of javascript, you may find that temporarily on my site some images may fail to load (this is because they're mostly hosted by other sites such as postimages.org, tumblr.com, photobucket.com etc, and if any of those websites are blocked from your device then those images might not display properly for a while.) this is mostly because i'm just really lazy and don't wanna spend a million years uploading every single file i'm gonna put on here to the neocities server. tho, i probably will in the near future anyway. and i'll see what i can do about that crappy loading thing asap.


    thanks for reading, as repayment for your time here are my three favorite lizard jokes:

    what do you call a lizard that smokes weed?


    what do you call a gay lizard??

    karma chameleon

    what else do you call a gay lizard???

    me when i have dry skin

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